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Flores, the island, named 'flowers' by 16th-century Portuguese colonists, certainly does embrace lush, fragrant forests, and has become Indonesia’s 'Hidden Jewel'. Having a land mass of nearly 15,000 square kilometers and part of the southern fringe of Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands, the landscape ranges from tropical, volcanic to arid lowlands. Flores discloses a high degree of cultural diversity, including intriguing fossil evidence suggesting human ancestors present on Flores nearly 20,000 years ago. While most people come to West Flores as a stopover, to see the giant Komodo dragon lizards, some partake in one of the world’s best snorkeling and diving areas. Others simply relax amidst some truly awe inspiring coastal maritime landscapes.

Flores Island’s natural settings are so stunning. Soaring volcanoes dot the skyline, some holding multi colored, crater lakes. An intense allure will guide you to jungle forests, sea gardens with beaches, sparkling a brilliant white (There’s even a pink sand beaches on Komodo Island), fossils of hobbit-like human ancestors and primitive native megaliths. Plan your holiday day to day or even go all out on multiday marine expeditions to Komodo, Rinca and surrounding islands. The focus can be on nature, snorkeling, diving, hiking, fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, and beach exploration. Two and three night fishing adventures are also available. Inland expeditions focus on local traditional cultures and landscapes unique to Flores, touring by car, motorcycle, bicycle or trekking. Ceibal, the largest archaeological site in the southwestern Maya Lowlands, was once a center of power for the Mayan civilization. Visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site on a day trip with a professional guide. You’ll discover elaborate monuments or stelae that decorate pyramids found in this remote spot, on the banks of the Passion River (Rio La Pasión).

It makes sense. After all, Flores is the kind of gorgeous that grabs hold of you tightly. Here are empty white sand beaches and bay islands, excellent diving and snorkeling and a skyline of perfectly shaped volcanoes. The nearly 700km serpentine, Trans-Flores highway skirts knife-edge ridges, often dropping perpendicular into spectacular river canyons, brushes by dozens of traditional villages, leads to multi-hued volcanic lakes, connecting the east and west coasts. For years this tropical jewel box remained a traveler’s secret, its gems accessible only to those willing to venture off the beaten track. But thanks to steadily improving transport connections, a maturing tourism industry that has brought increasing comfort and better facilities into remote towns, and enthusiastic word of mouth from fellow travelers, Flores is blooming.

1 Day Komodo Safari

  • Rinca or Komodo Island
  • Hiking in the Land of the Dragon
  • Pink Beach and Fishing village

Day trips to see the Komodo's from USD $100/person


2 Day Komodo Safari

  • Komodo & Rinca Island
  • Pink Beach, Manta Point
  • Padar Island, Bat Island, Fishing Village

Trip prices vary depending on level of service, number in party, and vessel type used, please inquire.


Labuan - 17 Islands National Park Caveman Overland Loop

  • 4 day, 3 night, approx. 500km off-road trip by dirt bike
  • Coastal and interior scenery, snorkelling, traditional village, hobbit cave, waterfalls

(Closing price contingent on final itinerary)

Approx: $660/Guest


West Flores Highlands Safari

  • 5 Day, 4 night camping and boat-based safari in remote West Flores
  • 2 night remote village, 1 night camping highlands bird forest, 1 night near Bat Island.

$800 /Guest


Cunca Wulong Canyon

  • Hiking, swimming, forest birds, monkeys and more
  • Batu Cermin Cave option

$75 /Guest


½ Day River Excursion

  • Short river runs on the Wae Mese, Wae Longge River
  • Nature & tranquility, fishing, bird watching.

$60 / Guest


Pan Flores Road Trip Labuan to Larantuka

  • 10 day - Approx. 550 km overland tour of major land marks, cultural sites, beaches, volcanoes.
  • Side excursions on foot, boat, diving, snorkelling, fishing offered.

Approx: $3600


Flores Highlands & Komodo National Park Safari

6 Day, 5 Night camping / boatbased safari in remote mainland West Flores and Komodo National Park

  • 2 Nights remote village
  • 1 Night camping highlands bird forest
  • 2 Nights Komodo National Park. (Komodo and RInca Island, Padar Island, Bat Island, Manta Point, etc..)



Mbeliling River Dragon Adventure

  • 3 days, 2 night adventure featuring downhill Mount Mbeliling bicycle ride
  • 18 km drift on remote river, and overnight tour of Komodo National Park, dragon viewing, snorkelling & beach combing.

$675 /Guest


Kelimutu Crater Lakes

  • 3 day, 2 nights – crater lakes, Lio Tribal village, Bluestone Beach

$350 /Guest


Fishing Excursions

  • Artisanal style ½ day and 2 day popper fishing trips for Giant Trevally.
  • Includes boat, guide, tackle (if required), snacks/meals and drinks.

Artisanal ½ day: $40 / Guest
2 day cast and jig: $500 / Guest


Cunca Rami Falls

  • Scenic falls, nature and mountain culture

$80 /Guest


Mbeliling Cloud Forest

  • Trekking, birding, local ecological knowledge tour Forest Reserve



Mbeliling Bicycle Downhill

  • 20 km+ volcano downhill and lowland cycle

$80 / Guest


Mbeliling – Off-road Safari

  • Guided full day dirt bike safari
  • Nature and culture

$90 /Guest


Batu Cermin Cave & Labuan Bajo

  • Cave(non technical), Town, Markets
  • Bamboo forest, unique cave fauna

$50 / Guest


Goa Rangko Grotto

  • Visit uniqe costal Grotto
  • Bidadari Island snorkelling & beach, Seraya Kecil Village

Economy: $90 / Guest
Deluxe: $110 / Guest


Tado Village Day trip

  • Manggarai Village Cultural Tour
  • Spider Rice Field visit

$80 / Guest


Wae Rebo Village 2 Day Expedition

  • Hike and overnight at traditional village

$190 /Guest


Liang Bua Hobbit Cave

  • Day excursion to Homo florensis hobbit cave
  • Spider Rice Field visit

$80 /Guest


Istana Ular Snake Cave

  • Full day expedition to “snake cave”
  • Opportunity to see bats and pythons.

$100 / Guest


Sano Nggoang Crater Lake

  • Visit to crater lake
  • Nature and culture

$80 /Guest


Sopi Safari

  • Half day tour of traditional palm whiskey distillery at local village.

$40 /Guest


Beach and Bats

  • ½ day afternoon trip to Bat Island and Kelor Island. Guided full day dirt bike safari
  • Afternoon snorkelling and fantastic sunset bat migration

Economy: $85 /Guest
Deluxe: $100 /Guest


Labuan Birding

  • Half day birding
  • Walking or river drifting options.

Walking tour: $50/Guest
River drift: $60 /Guest